Works With Most Smart Phones

The 2VR has a universal hold that can fit any 4" - 6" phone with a 6mm-9mm depth.


Hands-Free VR

The way we naturally view the world. No longer hold your phone up for VR.


Clear Lenses

Enjoy 34mm lenses and a great field-of-view.


Secure Grips

Once your phone is locked in, you are ready for action!

What the press has to say...

Virtual reality is here.


Share, access, and immerse yourself in the virtual world with 2VR. 


With so much great VR content available for FREE.

What are you waiting for?


Amazon Review

Wow, this headset is incredible. It's comfortable and easy to use. Just download a VR app, set your phone in the slots and enjoy being on an incredible rollercoaster ride or diving with sharks. YOU ARE COMPLETELY IN THE MIDST OF IT ALL!! The 2VR is a great introduction to Virtual Reality viewing.

The quality is unexpected at this price range, and the design is not only eye-catching, but truly clever in providing a portable set that is adjustable to user preference, offers sturdy support even while looking down, and is compatible with almost all smartphones on the market. Totally recommend.

Javier Bidot

Amazon Review


Amazon Review

Really liked the product. I was really intrigued in VR but didn't want to spend a lot on a headset...Stimuli was great. Light weighted, hands-free, and flexible. I really like the color, too! The black cloth really helped to boost that immense sensation. Without it, I can still keep an eye on my surroundings.

Miles Davis 

Amazon Review

The first VR solution on the market that is truly created for mobility. Fold these up like a pair of glasses and keep them in your shirt pocket until you're ready to use them -- anywhere you like. No other solution can be collapsed and taken/used anywhere without the social awkwardness of taking out a big VR headset and awkwardly using it in public.

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